24 April 2008

Surat Jemputan

Topic: Bookbanning: Readers Want Answers
Date: May 3, 2008
Time: 4.00 -- 6.00pm
Venue: The Annexe, Central Market

Saudara Astora Jabat will touch mainly on issues pertaining to book banning throughout the ages, with a special focus on bookbanning in Muslim history. Astora will also look at the theological reasons, perhaps linking decisions or movements to "ban" with political imperatives and or social turmoil of the day.

Ms Gayathry will cover the background of bookbanning in Malaysia, universal principles that are trampled upon when this happens, and call for action, legal recourse that people (readers) can take.

Ms Norhayati will link the historical and legal with the current situation in Malaysia; about how Islamic norm is being used to define the parameters of what's publishable, not only for books on Islam but other books as well. also, about it curbing diversity of opinion in Islam, which is a gift from God. Yati, will you also point out the inanities of bookbanning (Karen Armstrong being invited but her books are banned, Esposito, Wadud, etc used as reference in universities but banned here etc)

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